Cindy for Baum reviews

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바움성형외과 785 0 2016-12-01 11:05:17


Finding the right plastic surgery hospital is like finding a soulmate. It should be truthful, trusted, competent and caring.

And I found all of that in Baum.

From the first consultation until post surgery, Dr. Park was very calm n understood my condition, even he didn't force me to get chin implant even though I wanted to. That made me sure that he was a good doctor that knew what the patient needs. 
And he knew exactly what to do to make the best version of me (my nose) ^_^. I'm very grateful with the result that he gave me. Suits my face pretty well.

Even after the post surgery, he was the one who took the stitches out and willing to take time to see me if everything was great until I left Seoul at the very last day.
Thank you for gave me more confident Dr. Park

As for the consultant, the translator, and the nurses, they're all very nice, caring and attentive, and made sure I feel homey. So I knew exactly  I made my best decision with Baum. 2 thumbs up, guys!!