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Su S***'s Rhinoplasty Surgery Postscript

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바움성형외과 791 0 2016-10-21 13:41:15


Client: Su S***

21. Oct 2016


Baum plastic surgery was the first clinic where I did my rhinoplasty consultation. I was immediately impressed by how clean the facility was and how convenient the location was. (It was right next to Sinsa station). I am very glad that they provided me with an English speaking interpreter. Baum provided me a free CT scan, whereas other clinic charged a fee. The staffs at Baum clinic were very kind and patience with me. I never felt like I was being pressured into doing my surgery with them, nor did they make me feel like I had to get any extra procedures. Dr. Suh was very attentive with regards to my needs. He really took the time to see me and explain how the surgery would be perform. Dr. Suh was very gentle during the surgery and the aftercare. I really felt that he was looking out for my best interest. I felt that the prices at Baum were really fair. Baum never surcharged me because I was foreigner unlike other clinics in the area. I like that they broke down the cost of all the procedures that I was getting done. I would definitely recommend Baum to my friends and family in the future.


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